Making test Simple Professional Faster Safer Simple

iTest Pro makes the Electrical Testing to be simple. Our innovative socket testers bring you the most accurate results of your wiring system, eliminating the need of old technology and highly cost Earth Ground Testers . Just plug our socket tester into the socket and get accurate results in seconds.



Making Life Safer

Our new technology socket testers, made testing accessible and easy for anyone that wish to know if there are life threating faults in sockets & wiring surrounding him. Being a must Tool in any tool box of Professionals & End users.

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Top Benefits

  • Simple to use

    Just Plug The socket tester into the socket and get accurate results in seconds. Eliminating the need of traditional highly cost Earth Ground Testers

  • Easy to understand results

    No need to be Electrician or Engineer to understand the Test results. Only need to read the short Manual and quickly you will know the fault occurred in your wiring system.

  • Test Any socket

    Our socket testers fit to use for testing any New Electrical system in new home, building ,factory, office, hospital, and more… Or for Periodic inspection and maintenance of existence wiring system.

  • Fit for Any User

    Our Customers include End users, Electricians, technicians, engineers, manufacturers, and computer network professionals ,all the people who care for safety or put their reputations on their tool.

  • Make the Professional's job efficient

    By using our socket testers and getting results in few seconds, the testing procedure getting much shorter and efficient comparing to the traditional testers with special connectors needed

  • Compact to carry

    We did it as small as we could to ensure comfortable user usage and ultimate User interface design. You can take it with you in your pocket, pouch and tool box