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Socket Tester with GFCI test (Type B)


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Socket Type

  • Type B Type B


  • Test any sockets/outlets/receptacles for verifying correct wiring (110-120VAC) with Type B standard
  • Verify proper operation of the GFCI (residual-current device) to make sure it will instantly break an electric circuit and prevent serious harm in case of electric shock.
  • • Detect 6 different wiring faults [Missing Ground, Missing Neutral, Missing Hot, Hot-Neutral reverse, Hot- Ground reverse and Neutral- Ground reverse]
  • Supply results in seconds making the Electrical Testing easy for any User
  • 3 years Warranty by German registered coopration

More Details :

ST007 is a Professional socket tester with GFCI test used to confirm the correct wiring of US and Canadian standard electrical outlets/sockets/receptacles in residential & industrial buildings. Three LED lamps will indicate if there is any fault in the socket wiring and mention six different wiring [Missing Ground, Missing Neutral, Missing Hot, Hot-Neutral reverse, Hot- Ground reverse and Neutral- Ground reverse   GFCI TEST: The ST007  socket tester will also test that the  GFCI in the wiring system is working properly to verify the user protection in case of electrocution .   What is GFCI? Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets are connected for protecting people from electrical shock, usually being used in bathrooms and kitchens where water is present. A GFCI monitors the amount of current flowing from hot to neutral for detecting electrocution. In any case of electrocution the device will cut quickly (20-30 milliseconds) the power supply to the human body, reducing any possible injury.

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Product Features


The product suitable for: USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Philippines, Thailand,Colombia,Canada,Peru,Venezuela,Guatemala,Ecuador,Cuba,Haiti,Honduras


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Technical Details

Operating voltage & Frequency: 110-120VAC  60Hz

Poles: 2P+E

Power supply: From mains

Power consumption: < 0.25W Overvoltage category:

Cat II / 300 V

Temperature Range: -15°C to 45°C

IP: IP20


Base of device: PC Polycarbonate

Pins and socket contacts: brass

Pollution degree: 2

Certification:  Complies with UL and CSA

Warranty: 3 years Manufacturer Warranty

Safety: Do not use the ST007 Prior to reading carefully all the user manual.





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Technical Details

Model No ST007 Catalog No 0769978899374
Plug type Type B Item Package Quantitiy 1 unit in blister
Test Main countries outlets USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Philippines, Colombia,Canada,Peru,Honduras and more.. Barcode of Item package 0769978899374
voltage & Frequency 120VAC 60Hz Item Package Dimensions(mm) 240X125X55 mm
Earth Wiring test yes Item Package Weight(Kg) 0.15 Kg
socket polarity test yes
RCD test yes Carton Package Quantitiy 25 units /carton
Batteries required No Barcode of carton package 0769978901411
color Black Carton Package Dimensions(mm) 250X395X325
Certification: Complies with UL and CSA carton Package Weight (Kg) 4.1 Kg
Warranty: 3 years Manufacturer Warranty Origin Made in China

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